Psychedelic Societies

Dear Society Leaders,
this map is made by Joe Schraube of the Society Germany, but you are all invited to help create this map.
You can also integrate the map into your website. 
code : 
*iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe* 
( replaces * with < and the second * with > ) 
We also have a contact list to all Societies and to people who want to start one. We would like to cultivate them together with you.

we would like to invite you to :

Psychedelic Society Leaders Gathering

The German Psychedelic Society invites all societies from Europe to Berlin.

The date is not yet fixed - the beginning of September.

We would like to meet one day before the Entheo-Science congress takes place. We would be happy if, for the first time, we could get a complete round of all European societies together!

The program will then be determined by all of us, we in Berlin will be responsible for the space and the organization.

There are no costs for you, we would also arrange free private accommodation for you if you wish. The Entheo-Science offers 3 free tickets for the congress on the following day for each country.