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The German Psychedelic Society is a non-profit organization. We are part of a European network of Psychedelic Societys.

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In December 2016, the Berlin PSYCHEDELIC SALONS opened its doors and created a space for the meeting of people, who are interested in an exchange around the topics of the psychedelic experience. Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Köln, Hanover have started a salon and more cities will follow.
Here you are invited to have good conversations with each other. In openness, mindfulness and respect. Where dialogue succeeds, connectedness grows and connectedness can give rise to collective intelligence. Possible side effects: inspiration, networking,  impulses for concrete action. How? Through nourishing exchange, participative methods of conversation, innovative dialogue formats and the power of co-creation.

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How do I become a member of the German Psychedelic Society?

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Send us the link.  The membership costs 3, – € to 10, – € a month after self-assessment. In return, you will receive free admission to all monthly psychedelic salons and support the growth of a psychedelic community in Germany.



Peter Jarek
Joe Schraube
Max Wüsten

Psychedelic Societys Worldwide

in Europe
The Psychedelic Society UK advocates the careful use of psychedelics as a tool for personal and spiritual development. The profound experiences of unity and interconnectedness reliably brought about by strong psychedelic trips can help people to live lives of greater love, compassion and joy. We facilitate safe, legal psychedelic experiences, build the psychedelic community through putting on regular events, and
campaign for the legal regulation of psychedelics. The Psychedelic Society is a non-profit company limited by guarantee, registered at Companies House. Email

The Society organizes events related to the psychedelic experience. These are lectures, movie screenings, music events, art classes, and discussion groups. We aim for a holistic approach, discussing the social, cultural, therapeutic and scientific aspects of the use of psychedelics. We provide opportunities for open discussions with experts in the field including writers, scientists, therapists and people with extensive personal experience. We are actively collaborating with other Psychedelic Societies around the world to spread good news, safe practices, share speakers and reliable information about these amazing evolutionary substances.
The Czech Psychedelic Society (abbr. “CZEPS”) was founded in order to establish a platform for an open discussion on the risks and benefits of the use of psychedelic substances. Our goals are to mediate access to the most recent information and to support research. Through our activities, we would like to continue the legacy of the Czech Republic as one of the centres of psychedelic research in the 1960s.
Basic info about CZEPS at


The Psychedelic Society of Slovenia

out of Europe

Cognitive Freedom Alliance
La Sociedad Psicodélica
Montreal Psychedelic Society
Michigan Psychedelic Society
Chicago Psychedelic Club
Baltimore Psychedelic Society
Psychedelics and Philosophy
Sociedad Psicodélica Centroamericana
Aware Project: Rethinking Psychedelics
Entheogenesis Australis (EGA)


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