intern how to add a Ticket to the web shop ?

ddddddddddd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1 – 3 Klick this 3 Steps
4 set a name like “

The Hidden Doorways of Ecstacy “
5 set a location
6 set the date and Time
7 save
thats all here !

klick 3 times , set a Produkt name same as event

The Hidden Doorways of Ecstacy

set this 3 values
after you habe checkd “ Product is a Ticket  this menu adders :
set Themplate :  en  is english de is German !
Save and you are done !
new tickets appear at :


Test the Ticket


klick on the img !
use the discount code to jump over paypal
downloade the ticket

Argument für Bargeld – UK hat Probleme bekommen

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Ein Argument für Bar und Bitcoin :

ccount was being closed as they are „not able to accept payments for any business even remotely related to any controlled substances“

Hi joe,
Yesterday, we were notified by Stripe, the company that processes payments for our Experience Retreats, that our account was being closed as they are „not able to accept payments for any business even remotely related to any controlled substances“. Stripe is the industry leader in online payments. Their decision means we are now having to divert time and resources that we could be spending on our core mission to reinstate the public understanding of and access to psychedelics in the UK and beyond, to arranging an alternative payments solution.  Whilst we are confident we will be able to arrange a satisfactory alternative, this episode highlights the ongoing prejudice and extra challenges faced by organisations seeking to promote the conscious use of psychedelics.

2019-01 Death, Authenticity and Psychedelics

2019-01 Death, Authenticity and Psychedelics


“Death, Authenticity and Psychedelics” will confront the audience with the subject of a dying experience through psychedelics and how it can start a process of self actualization also understood as authenticity. We will explore the existentialist concep of death and how it relates to fear and anxiety, as well as how it is this same fear that can propel an emancipation from societal constructs into freedom of will and the radical overtaking of responsibility over ones life.

Miguel Estéfano Mora Vera is PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Freiburg, writing about post-idealistic existentialism. He researches on the question about the self and the self’s own finding of meaning of life in the present nihilistic postmodern time. He studied Musicology and independently composes music, currently inspired by the old baroque masters, the psychedelic and progressive rock and by psychedelic trance dance music.