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Madre Ayahuasca – Femininity and Shamanism
Shamanism and the woman: the female perspective on co-creating the entheogenic movement in Europe.
Ayahuasca, the potent brew containing DMT is tenderly called in the Amazon abuelita or madre Ayahuasca (grandmother or mother Ayahuasca). Indeed, many participants of ayahuasca ceremonies describe the experience as the return into mother’s womb. They often speak of motherly character of the composing plant spirits and compare the wisdom and insights they receive with loving advises of a kind grandmother.
Nevertheless, Amazonian shamanism is still strongly dominated by men, or one could even argue it is strongly patriarchal. There are still very few female Ayahuasqueras, even though their number is now starting to increase. Often the work with Ayahuasca or Yage in the countries of origin is regarded as a mere „men’s business“. Women are considered to be less suitable for this task because they are allegedly too weak or lack the necessary character. In Europe the picture is similar, though the number of female facilitators or shamans who work with plant medicine has been steadily increasing, the scene is still male dominated.
Victoria Solongo shares her experience with the visionary plant medicine on her spiritual journey over the past 10 years and her shamanic work as a facilitator of ceremonies, retreats and individual healing sessions in the past two years. What were the challenges on her path? What has the work with the spirit world taught her? What is specific for ceremonies that are conducted by women and especially Western women? What are her advises for female participants of shamanic ceremonies?
A lecture with an interactive discussion afterwards.
Wednesday 7.11.
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Talk start 20:00
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Event place: Wildeküche, Spreewaldpl. 5, 10999 Berlin